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"What a Woman Made" 1973, video, 10min.
"Woman's House" 1972, 16mm, 14min.
"Another Day of a Housewife" 1977, video, 10min.

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"What a Woman Made" (1973, video, 10min)
While this video shows the beautiful tampons after used, the story tells you about how girls become a woman.


"Woman's House" (1972, 16mm, 14min.
When the women's liberation movement hit the whole of America, Idemitsu filmed the Woman's house which is the first 16mm work of Idemitsu.

"Another Day of a Housewife" ( 1977, video, 10min.
This video was made in those days when I, Idemitsu was really fed up with being a housewife. In the endless repetition of routine house chores I noticed another "me" was watching the housewife "me." Who am I ?What is it to live? I wanted to share these questions with others

Price: 7,245Japanese Yen (including taxes)
21,000.-Japanese Yen (including taxes) Institutional use