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Each work has the structure of "Corpus of Fragments." Shintaro Matsunaga (Curator of Yokohama Art Museum)

It must be the video that is most appropriate media to investigate the intellectual prospect." Kentaro Ichihara art critic/Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design

1: "Life IMAGED", Kazumi KANEMAKI (videoart 2006 13min)
2: "Living in the Box", Kentaro Taki+Naoya Ooe (videoart 2007 7min )
3: "AI", Sung Nam HAN (videoart 2006 9min)
4: "SHOT", Nishiyama Shuhei (videoart 2007 11min)
5: "Pathologic Video Practices", Naoya Ooe (videoart 2006 2min)
6: "The Lost in the Backyard of Surface", Naoya Ooe (videoart 2006 7min)
7: "Abrare Koinobori", GOLDENSHIT[Katsuyuki HATTORI+Yusuke SHINMURA], (video performance 2005 15min)
8: "Bild:Muell=Image:Junk", Kentaro Taki (video installtion 2006 5min)

(Total length is 68 min)

NTSC/ Region ALL
DVD-video,Stereo, Enlgish subtitle

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The juxtaposition of the images between a Western movie by Hollywood and the artist's routine life in the split screen, makes us compare the drama and the daily life. This also shows her daily life where surrounding images internalizes her. This work involves gender issues, since there is an attitude that as a woman it's hard to accept herself as the "Loser" in the Western movie.

"Living in the Box" (Kentaro Taki+Naoya Ooe)
Body parts are displayed in the white box as specimen. Each part tries to seek something and these behaviors seem to remind ourselves of today’s blockaded situation. This is the collaboration work with Naoya Ooe(operation) + Maiko Date(dancer) directed by Kentaro Taki. This is the short version of the original work.

"AI" ( Sung Nam HAN)
This is the second part from trilogy on "AI=sexual intercourse." In front of fusuma painting "Kaede-zu"by Tohaku Hasegawa(16c. painter), a couple make indirect intercourse by gazing each other. Their cross-gazing intercourses with the movements of fusuma painting. "At this moment, the couple are as if without heaven, without ground, without society, without people at all."
"SHOT" (Nishiyama Shuhei)
Each“moment”of destructive force of the reality has been shot, recorded, and visualized. Set the boundary of before and after deconstruction at the “moment” when image and sound of collision match together, and the artist visualizes idea of "non-revertible." This work deconstructs the image of deconstruction by differentiation, repetition, expansion and addition of image/sound of different moments.

"Pathologic Video Practices" (Naoya Ooe)
The simulation of how audiences reacted to films in early times, evokes the sense of falsehood but new perspectives. The extendation relates to the reference to media that to release from captivity of information system.

"The Lost in the Backyard of Surface" ( Naoya Ooe)The simulation of how audiences reacted to films in early times, is a fiction but creates the new perspectives. From the point of video, this discloses the principles of imprisonment by the media information, and will be extended to the criticism against media.

"Abrare Koinobori" ( GOLDENSHIT[Katsuyuki HATTORI+Yusuke SHINMURA])
This video consists of 6 acts of rhythmical and optical composition of a live quartet. The spectator encounters the boundary between the light and the image. A documentation of the premiere performance at Art Space Kimura, Tokyo in 2005.
"Bild:Muell=Image:Junk" ( Kentaro Taki)
A documentation of a video installation exhibited in Yokohama Portside Gallery in 2006. "Bild:Muell" means "Image: Junk" in German. The video collage projected on various shaped cubes simulates the cityscape overflowed with images/information.


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