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2007 New Viesion!!

□ "Anma (The Masseurs)"
1963-2001、B&W、silent、20minutes(Completed Version)
Dancers: Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Akira Kasai, and others
Sound: Tomomi Adachi (2007)
□ "Rose Colored Dance"(1965-2001)
1965-2001, B&W, silent, 13minutes(Completed Version)
Dancers: Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Akira Kasai, Mitsutaka Ishii, and others
Sound: Tomomi Adachi (2007)

15,000.-Japanese Yen


with the Japanese bookle

5,250Japanese Yen (including taxes)


"What a Woman Made" , 1973, video, 10min
"Woman's House", 1972, 16mm, 14min.
"Another Day of a Housewife", 1977, video, 10min.

7,245 Japanese Yen (including taxes) 


1989, 16mm, Color, 16min. Sound
1989, Video, B/W & Color, 10min., Sound

6,300Japanese Yen (including taxes)

Inspired by Yanagita Kunio's book of regional folktales, The Legends of Tono.

"HORSE/KAPPA/HOUSE", 1995, 16mm, 33min., sound, b/w&color
"Afterthoughts on a Legend", 2002, 16mm, silent, color&b/w

8,400Japanese Yen (including taxes)


Catalogue & DVD "Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art"


" Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art"
Nagoya City Gallery

2,900Japanese Yen (including taxes)

The work is consisted of 5 chapters, which are based on themes as "principle of video media", "media landscape", "exchangeable Cities", "City with the full of Fabrication", "Resistance and the Disappearance" for each.

3,990 Japanese Yen (including taxes)

VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo appreciate that the critical roll of videoart is, especially in Tokyo, to give an unerasable trace of anti-spectacle inside the spectacle. Though their videoart works have various forms, they have common themes: can video-electronic image resist a domination of the mass media and technocracy, though they are its origins? can video objectify "the totality without the center," then make a possibility to subvert the situation?

2002 Total length is about 52min.

1: video composition #2 "Stolen Air" 5min.,TAKI Kentaro
2: "media cage" 7min. ,TAKI Kentaro
3: "Omedeto" 5min. ,NAKAMURA Akiko
4: Study on Media "education before education" 8min.43sec., HATTORI Katsuyuki
5: "President" 11min., KANEMAKI Kazumi
6: "a not = a or For Devatas Who Keep on Dancing" 15min.30sec. ,KAWAI Masayuki
(Total length is about 52 min)


3,990 Japanese Yen (including taxes)