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The work is consisted of 5 chapters, which are based on themes as "principle of video media", "media landscape", "exchangeable Cities", "City with the full of Fabrication", "Resistance and the Disappearance" for each. It starts with a trial to know the principle of video material, and try to see mass-media-landscape with this principle as the next, then through this mass-media-landscape, we might find critical view points on what happens in the globalization and capitalistic the system of this world.
There, we could see some kinds of ironical matter on our city. But first of all, we have to stare this wall stands in our way.

screening at
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (2005, Japan)
Split Film Festival (2005, Croatia)
Hamburg Shortfilm Festival (2005, Germany)
Bochum International Video Festival (2005, Germany)

(Total length is 32 min)

NTSC/ Region ALL

Price:3,990.-Japanese Yen (including taxes) 
31,000.-Japanese Yen (including taxes) Institutional use 

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