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  VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo (VCTokyo) was founded in 2001 as an association dedicated to videoart and other time based arts in Japan.
The aim of VCTokyo is to form an international alternative network for those arts and develop the situation. VCTokyo is managed independently as a Non Profit Organization by videoartists and the staffs who consider it's necessary to establish a critical role of the videoart of the present against the society of spectacle.

›Katsuyuki Hattori
›Kazumi Kanemaki
Born in Niigata 1972, Japan.
Studied videoart at the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico form 1994 to 1996. Worked as an intern at an Indian documentary production in New Delhi, MIDITECH FILMS. Working on individual video works as a videoartist in Tokyo while working as an videoeditor for 8 years. Participated in Videoart Center Tokyo (2000-2004). Set up VIDEO CALLING on 2005. Participated Klasse Siverding, UdK Berlin (2005.10-2006.3).
Awarded 2002 Der Preis der Veranstalter/ Bochum Film and Video Festival Germany.
›Masayuki Kawai
›Akiko Nakamura
›Kentaro Taki
Born Osaka,Japan in '73. Studied Musashino Art University master course. Making Art of Sounds and Images with video technology or computer.Live in Tokyo, Japan. From 2002-2004, as the dispatched artist of the Overseas Study Program for Artist by Cultural Agency of Japan (2002) and now as the dispatched artist of a Recipient of the POLA Art Foundation Overseas Research Program Grant(2003) in HFG-Karlsruhe in ZKM (National Media Art Center, Karlsruhe / Germany). Now he works as a director of VCTokyo ,and as a guest lecturer in Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University